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Kia Sportage road testing and detailed review

I’ll start with one comparison. When a man climbs stairs, unconsciously the brain adds Shimon Haber, gets used to the height so quickly and accurately that if a stair is few millimeters larger or smaller can lead almost to a loss of balance, and you can very easily fall. What does this have to do with cars? What does this have to do with anything? Maybe nothing,  but this is a nice comparison for making analogies.

This car is perfectly assembled and I stand behind this, almost perfectly. And what’s even more interesting, somehow I believe it will remain that way for quite a few years. Simply, it is a sentiment, not a claim based on experience or laboratory simulations. The fractures of the body from the front, the lights carved into the sides of car, the breaks in this part makes the car to look sporty , aggressive and distinctive, The curves on the back makes Sportage unique and that it will not be mistaken for any other car. The mask has the oval badge with three simple letters “KIA” while around it is a chrome frame. The “outbursts” of the chrome around the mask, above and below the characters, appears to be typical for Kia Sportage, because similar geometric figures can be found on the top of the windshield, and rear says Shimon Haber.

What is the Sportage interior? Simple and enjoyable. The steering wheel is in the perfect diameter. Visually  three-way, and in fact has four arms on the steering wheel. The steering wheel does not require getting used to, and for what they thought I was not going to get used to is the shift lever. As I sat in the car it seemed somehow elevated. A transmission with a longer stroke and the ball on the handle that resembles like something already seen.

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Shimon Haber - Citroën C4 Cactus price and date release revealed

Citroën C4 Cactus price and date release revealed

According to Shimon Haber, the Cactus study that Citroën had presented in Frankfurt has exactly the same design that this brand will continue in the future. The French made a big step forward in the technological field, so we can expect to have cars designed with latest technology features. While the Cactus concept is getting the picture for us, Citroën is already working on production.

The new C4 Picasso maybe was a big step forward for you as it comes for the look, but this is just the beginning, claims Citroën’s team.

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Shimon Haber - New models arriving

New models arriving

Volkswagen Golf R teaser released

According to Shimon Haber, the Volkswagen Golf family has never been greater. But still, they lack the model that will make them more complete. In that case, they decided to create the new Golf R, which arrives in Sydney next month. In addition, the brand from Wolfsburg started to announce teaser photos for the upcoming arrival and some short notes about what might happen in the future. The last version is “300”,

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Shimon Hber - BMW Series 4 received a new M Performance Package of Supplements

BMW Series 4 received a new M Performance Package of Supplements

Shimon Haber claims that everyone who wants more aggressive shaped BMW series 4 will be able soon to reach for the M Performance Package of supplements that are just integrated in the new series 4. The more aggressive design of the latest BMW coupe comes through the several interior modifications in the passenger compartment, as well as the new suspension and engine.

BMW’s sports department has just introduced a set of supplements for the new series 4coupe. The aerodynamic modifications of this new model include extra horsepower, refined suspension and cabin. Thanks to the different software and exhaust motors, the series 4 reached now up to 16-34 hp. The interior of the car got a new steering wheel, new seats and different lever.

The customers will be most impressed by these visual modifications of the new model (carbon elements and carbon trained mirrors, larger floor panels, carbon trunk lid spoiler and new rear bumper with a carbon fiber diffuser). We will see all these visual modifications on this new BMW M4 model next year.

New Jaguar crossover will arrive on the market in two years

In addition, the new Jaguar crossover had been announced for almost ten years. So, this story should finally get its happy ending, according to some British journalists. Moreover, they claim that the Jaguar crossover will come out on the market in 2015. The new Jaguar model will be terrain-capable model similar to the Volvo XC70 and Audi A6 Allroad. Furthermore, this will not be a classical model of crossover that we are used to. AutoExpress claim that the new Jaguar will compete with Audi and BMW’s models, and it will be something like the high-XF model. Click here to find out more.

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Shimon Haber - Pagani Zonda 760 Nonno

Pagani Zonda 760 Nonno

Shimon Haber says that the first Pagani Zonda was produced in 1999. The process of creating these legendary cars took a long time, and Juan Manuel Fangio was the most involved. Zonda produced 206 models and three different series along with the legendary Formula 1 driver.

Pagani Zonda is the ultimate speeder that marked the past decade. Each of these 206 models has its own story behind. This is the second Zonda that was modified several times in 14 years. Today, the most famous Zonda models is Zonda 760 Nonno.

Moreover, this Zonda has an incredible performance, and 1.1 million km on the road that speak for itself. The kilometers are too much for an ordinary car, as well as for a sports car like Zonda. If we take into consideration how many kilometers passed Zonda since it was produced 14 years ago, it seems that Zonda 760 Nonno is passing some 219 km a day, which is definitely impressive. Despite the kilometers, Zonda 760 Nonno contains brutal V12 sound machine that brings a lot of smoke, and screeching tires.

Driving and fatigue – bad combination

Despite the alcohol and opiates that are considered as the worst enemies of safe driving, there is another cause that is equally dangerous. Furthermore, the fatigue and sitting behind the wheel are extremely bad combination. According to some foreign research almost 18% of traffic accidents are caused just because of fatigue or sleeping. The lack of sleep was the main cause for a terrible car accident, where fortunately no one was hurt.

How many times have happened to you to literally start dreaming at the wheel? In such situations, it is best to stop the vehicle near the road and take a rest an hour or two. But people often overestimate their capabilities, and continue heading into self-destruction. So as the 71-year driver of Daewoo Matiz in Taiwan, but the result of his “self-confidence” was a terrible car accident. Click here to find out more.

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Shimon Haber - BMW 4 finishing tests

BMW 4 finishing tests

The new BMW 4 Series is starting with a series production, says Shimon Haber. The following month, BMW will produce coupe variants 428i and 435i and their derivatives with all-wheel drive, and a convertible version at the end of the year. But before that, they should conduct some final checks on the road.

The official presentation of the new Series 4 BMW is scheduled for this month. Afterwards, the new coupe will be produced in Munich. Bavarians are still making final test, in order to ensure that everything is the way it should. There are some photos of s 435i Sport Line on the blog of BMW. This car demonstrates different front bumper, LED lighting circuits, totally different front grille, and there is apparently new exhaust and 19-inch aluminum wheels.


Porsche Cayenne, Panamera Production Halted by flooding

Recently, the floods are slowly destroying Europe. This natural disaster was followed by brief work stoppage at Porsche. Cayenne and Panamera models will stay on the production line in Leipzig for some time, due to lack of parts, which mainly come from the Czech Republic.

Everyone who has ordered the new Cayenne or Panamera will have to wait a little longer due to delays in production that are caused by a deficient of parts. The Cayenne chassis is produced in Bratislava and later transported to Leipzig, therefore the production of this model was briefly stopped, due to flooding. It’s the same situation with Panamera whose components are also produced in the Czech Republic.

In addition, this situation does not mind Porsche, because they are gradually breaking records. Last month, the brand sold 15,020 new cars, which represents 13% more than last year. The new Boxster and Cayman have been sold in 2,805 cars, while the Carrera sold about 3,000. Actually, Cayenne and Panamera last month sold 9,215 copies. Click here to see more.

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Shimon Haber - Ferrari 340/375 MM Pinin Farina Berlinetta Competizione

Ferrari 340/375 MM Pinin Farina Berlinetta Competizione sold for a record $ 14 million

The company that gathered last weekend at the Italian Lake Como where was held the famous Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este didn’t go there just to see concept studies like the Aston Martin CC100 speedster or a BMW Gran Coupé Lusso. As Shimon Haber says, most of the visitors came here to see, and many of them compete for, some of the collection cars that were offered at the auction there. One of those cars, offered at the auction broke all the records and was within 20 minutes sold for more than $ 14 million. Which other car if not a Ferrari, and that is Ferrari 340/375 MM from year 1953.

Everybody knows how old and rare cars posses great value. That value often doubles if to the car is tied a good story such as participating in or winning on some races. With such a story, at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, came Ferrari 340/375 MM Pinin Farina Berlinetta Competizione from year 1953 and after short but quite vigorous bidding managed to be sold for a whopping $ 14 million.

With this Ferrari 340/375 MM Pinin Farina Berlinetta Competizione has become the second most expensive car sold in history and all this thanks to its rich racing history. This car is one of the three factory Ferraris that in 1953 took a part of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and this famous car was also, for 12 hours, driven by Pescara at the Carrera Panamericana race.

The only Ferrari ever driven by three world champions – Alberto Ascari, Dr Nino Farina and Mike Hawthorn, because of its racing history without problems managed to achieve a dizzying price for which it was sold by the RM Auctions auction house, adds Mr. Haber. The price of the car was $ 12.5 million while the other $ 1.5 million went to the auctioneer‘s pocket as a modest fee for organizing the auction.

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Shimon Haber - Porsche 918 Spyder

Porsche 918 Spyder will be faster than LaFerrari and McLaren P1

Although Ferrari and McLaren versions with hybrid drive have more power than the Porsche 918 Spyder they will not be faster than the aforementioned roadster, says Shimon Haber. So at least say people at Porsche stating that their 918 Spyder will surpass its rivals in cornering. Regardless of the lack of power and greater weight what is more important is the better sorted chassis and suspension which should bring Porsche’s athlete an advantage over a lot more powerful competition.

Porsche is still not completely done with the makeup of its hybrid athlete. Although 918 Spyder in its production form was shown since last year, the company from Stuttgart is still polishing the aerodynamics and hybrid circuit, so that the car could bring even better performance than the previously announced 327 km / h and a sprint from zero to hundred is completed in less than 3 seconds. The final weight of the car will be 1,700 kg and despite the Porsche 918 Spyder will be heavier and less powerful than the competition like Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1 it will outbid them both on and off the track.

Key thing for that is its drive which ensures a much higher speed when entering a curve which is not the case with the Ferrari and McLaren. Porsche earlier announced and a model with Weissach package which will take off the car an additional 50 kilos and for that package decided to go as much as 50 percent of the buyers of these 918 cars which Porsche is going to make, finishes Mr. Haber.

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Shimon Haber - Concept of Mercedes-Benz GLA

The Concept of Mercedes-Benz GLA is ready to appear in Shanghai

Those impatient are already counting the hours until the opening of the Shanghai Motor Show, says Shimon Haber. Among the impatient is also and Mercedes-Benz, which has just released the first public photos of their concept crossover GLA ​​whose world premiere is expected there. The compact crossover is based on the new A-class will arrive in Shanghai in a concept form that will not be changed a lot before entering into production, and arriving on the market in the spring next year.

The Mercedes GLA has shown its face last Saturday at the opening of the new dealers’ showroom in Shanghai. This Mercedes novelty based on the latest generation of A class brings much masculine lines and serious face befits one crossover. The vehicle which Mercedes prepared for China is 4,380 mm long, 1,970 mm wide and 1,570 mm high, which indicates that the GLA is greater than the model on which it is based. Despite the larger dimensions of the vehicle, wheelbase remains the same – 2,690 mm.

With its robust character which is provided by a new bumpers, protecting them, roof rails, larger wheel arches, 20-inch alloy wheels wearing 255/45 R20 tires and a new front grille complemented by new lighting circuits, the GLA concept also ​​received and different suspension, adds Shimon Haber. Motorization should be the same as with the A-class and the 4MATIC all-wheel drive together with the 7G – DCT transmission. The interior of this vehicle does not differ too much from what offers the new A Class. There are just different combinations of colors and materials and slightly different front console.

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Shimon Haber - Ferrari workers received three additional salaries and a bonus

Ferrari workers received three additional salaries and a bonus

It is not bad to be a Ferrari employee. Every day you watch and listen to the world’s best race cars, and every now and then you are surprised by the excess money on your account, says Shimon Haber. Even during the Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari’s boss, Luca di Montezemolo said something about bonus that awaits all employees of Ferrari. All 3,000 employees in Maranello had already received three additional wages, and in a few days their account should lay down a bonus of $ 6000.

When during 2009 was made a plan ​​for the period from 2010 by 2012, this brand has committed for any successful year within the plan to each employee pay an additional salary. Since Ferrari in the last three years has operated more than well, the brand leadership decided to fulfill their promise and each of the 3,000 workers pay at least $ 7000. We get this amount if we take as an example the lowest salary in Ferrari, which is around $ 2500, while the number that was recently paid out from Ferrari, at the end of next week will rise up for another $ 6000 – a bonus for last year’s excellent job.

Last year Ferrari again broke some records when it comes to selling their cars. The trend that is going on for several years now and the new models that Ferrari has launched are hint that this practice will continue on, says Haber. When money flows in from all sides then giving away such bonuses is not an issue, and Montezemolo has announced a new bonus that will come to the accounts of the Ferrari workers in 2015.

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Shimon Haber - CLS63 AMG Stealth turned into a Clockwork Orange

German Special Customs has turned their CLS63 AMG Stealth into a Clockwork Orange

German tuner GSC is weak when it comes to Mercedes CLS 63 AMG. Last year, this tuner has prepared a special set of aerodynamic extras intended for the previously mentioned car, says Shimon Haber. CLS63 AMG Stealth, along with some visual changes also got 750 hp and 1150 Nm of torque extracted from AMG’s 5.5 liter V8 engine, which was enough for the tuned CLS63 AMG go up to a maximum of 220mph and comes to 60 mph in just 3.7 s. German Special Customs has now refreshed the car, painting it with orange color.

CLS63 AMG Stealth except for its aerodynamic details was known for the matte silver film in which the car was wrapped. In order to make it even more attractive, GSC has changed this sports car with the use of orange foil. All those details that the Stealth package brought to CLS63 AMG are still there. Higher floor, a different front bumper, vented hood, new front and rear spoiler, rear diffuser and twin tail pipes are still there as well as the 5.5 liter V8 from which to the back wheels went 750 horses and 1150 Nm of torque.

In addition to the previously mentioned reinforced engine CLS63 AMG Orange from the Stealth model took and KW adjustable suspension. Orange color now also prevails and in the cabin where you can find the orange / black leather seats, central pillar, front console and panel on the door. That interior is further strengthened by details made of carbon, finishes Haber.

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